And the Race is On

And the Race is On

Ontarians will go to the polls on June 7 to determine the next provincial government. Over the coming month, we will hear the leaders and candidates alike debate such topics as healthcare, education, seniors and daycare.

But this election also provides the opportunity to talk about one of the most important and expensive issues facing Ontario’s 444 municipalities – the rising cost of emergency services.

Over the last number of years we have seen the discussion of the cost of emergency evolve from one centred solely on the broken interest arbitration system to now include other topics that serve to increase the cost of emergency services in more subtle manner.

These include:

  • Changes to the Police Services Act
  • Bill 148, Fair Workplace, Better Jobs Act 2017
  • ·         Proposed changes to the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997
  • ·         Paramedics on fire trucks

These are all important issues; ones which ESSC members will be discussing with candidates of all three parties. We look forward to working with the next Ontario Government to help curtail the rising cost of emergency services in Ontario.