Proposed Consolidation of Paramedic Services

Proposed Consolidation of Paramedic Services

The ESSC is expressing concern with the Government’s proposed consolidation of paramedic services in the province. We support there needs to be changes to province’s paramedic services. Along with our partner the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs, we have long called on the government to improve the province’s antiquated EMS communications/dispatch system and expand the scope of practice for paramedics.

Both of these initiatives are part of the government’s recent announcement, and we have every expectation these improvements will result in more coordinated care for Ontarians needing emergency medical care.

On May 14, the ESSC wrote to Minister of Health Christine Elliott with our two key requests on the paramedic consolidation project:

  • The ESSC wants to work with the provincial government to ensure the significant investments made over the past two decades by municipalities in facilities, equipment and staff training are protected during any transition process
  • The municipal voice in paramedic service remains as well as the customization of local content (including the knowledge of local geography) that is so important to ensuring patients receive appropriate care when and where they need it

The Province has committed to confer with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs, paramedic unions and municipalities prior to making any decisions. We believe these are important perspectives to consider during any restructuring of paramedic service delivery in Ontario and look forward to working with the province on the consultations.