Resources and Working Groups

ESSC members have access to the following:

  • ESSC intranet site – a coordinated repository of information for use by all members
  • An annual Emergency Services Labour Forum, with specialized training on labour issues
  • Member Alerts on ESSC advocacy and emergency services bargaining issues
  • ESSC research projects
  • Current emergency services wage information
  • Status of emergency services bargaining in Ontario


Recent publications from the ESSC include:

  • Interest Arbitration Executive Summary
  • Ontario’s Arbitration System and Ability to Pay
  • Executive Summary on the 24 Hours Shift in Fire Fighting


Interest Arbitration:


Working Groups


Legislative/Regulatory Review Committee

The committee reviews legislative changes to bargaining and arbitration, while developing strategies that advocate for improvements to these processes.


Strategic Bargaining Co-ordination Committee

The committee coordinates information between municipalities in an effort to help them develop a strategic approach to labour issues when preparing for negotiations.


Communications Strategy Group

Communication strategy efforts to coordinate labour market information, develop briefing material and presentation to assist municipalities with their negotiations and provide communications products and media monitoring.


Geographic Working Groups

Six working groups share specific information with respect to labour negotiations with other bargaining groups in order to help them prepare bargaining strategies.